I came here to count the bells
'Wild nights are my glory,' said Mrs. Whatsit.
A Wrinkle in Time

Sleeping Fox. New 35mm print on Society6

Bonfires, wool sweaters, boots, football movies, streetlights and fog, leaf piles, chimneys, chowder, first love, dark mornings, coffee to go, new books, scarves.

Infinite Jest, David Foster Wallace


“You burn to have your photograph in a tennis magazine.”

“I’m afraid so.”

“Why again exactly, now?”

“I guess to be felt about as I feel about those players with their pictures in magazines.”


“Why? I guess to give my…

Why Vancouver?

I wrote an essay on why I love Vancouver. If you feel so inclined, you can vote for my entry here:


Good night from Stanley Park.

I finally put together a little portfolio website….now to get some more experience!

Fun with Mom’s glasses 👓@rayban #vscocam
Adventures in Cooking: a beautiful blog!  Gorgeous photos.